My motto is “less is more”, or even better…

Keep it simple stupid

To me, too many “things” sitting around = clutter.  Visual clutter = mental clutter.  I need things to be put away and my life organized in order for me to focus.

On this page, I will highlight my tips and tricks for getting and staying organized, including products and apps that have helped me to stay organized to live a simpler, sweeter life.

  1. Decide what you REALLY need!  Take a moment to reflect on all the “things” around you.  What is its purpose?  Does it bring you joy?  When was the last time you used it?  Does it have special meaning to you?  Could you just take a picture of it?  Is it something you need to return to a friend?
  2. Pull everything out!  Start with a blank canvas.  I’ve found that I organize and declutter much more purposefully when I pull EVERYTHING out and can visualize the space I am working with.  You’ll likely be SHOCKED at the amount of “stuff” you have.  I always am.  I’m always thinking “didn’t I just clean this stuff out a year ago?!”.  The truth is that I wasn’t dragging everything out before.  I was still holding onto things by just leaving them in their place and not actually going through it.
  3. Decide on your organizational tools.  What organizational tools do you currently have?  Are they working for you?  What do you need to buy or repurpose to do this right?
  4. Start sorting.  You can do this however works best for you, but I strongly recommend having a box ready for donation, a few trashbags, and sticky notes for things you might want to offer to friends/family/neighbors.  Let go of things as you go.  A good rule of thumb is if you have not used it in the last year and do not have immediate, specific plans to use it in the next 3 months, GET RID OF IT!
  5. Put things back…but PURPOSEFULLY!  Don’t just get frustrated and throw things back into the same mess you had before.  Only put things back (using your organizational tools) that have purpose in your life.  Sometimes taking a break and coming back to it the next day can give you a fresh perspective and you’ll laugh about keeping something the day before.
  6. Re-evaluate.  Continue to re-evaluate every season or every year.  If it is just sitting there not being used, why do you hold onto it?
  7. Celebrate!!  Celebrate your freedom from clutter and letting go of the material “things” in your life that only end up cluttering your mind.

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