Truthfully, skincare has always been one of my favorite things.  I still remember scouring the pages of Seventeen magazine looking for the new “best” products.  I wore makeup on and off and didn’t wear it any for a good chunk of high school.

All throughout college, I interned at a dermatologist’s office.  I got to see a whole new world of skincare, skin conditions, and gained a lot of knowledge on skin.  I started asking for things like a Clarisonic Mia for Christmas and snuck new products into my mom’s shopping cart when I was home from college.

After college, subscription boxes became a huge thing.  I found myself spending quite the chunk of $ on Birchbox and others to try new things and discover what I loved.  Sure, I found some things and learned a lot about makeup and skincare in the process.  BUT, as the years went on, I started to learn that I was sensitive to certain products.  During graduate school for my MA in Bioethics, I watched the documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc. (2011).  I jumped head first into the ideas of PREVENTION and my eyes were opened to the idea that we expose ourselves to so many chemicals and products every single day.

[Enter my quest for natural and safe products.]  I started throwing things out left and right, shopping at Whole Foods, subscribing to a natural beauty subscription box, and reading labels.  The problem was, I missed my awesome products.  Slowly, they creeped back into my drawers.  I re-subscribed to Birchbox and also got Sephora Play!.  I cringed a little that I was back to exposing myself to all the junk again, but I didn’t see a great happy medium.

As winter approached in 2016 and the dry weather and stress of nursing school clinical rotations started to take a toll on my skin, a friend introduced me to Beautycounter.  I was super skeptical at first.  I’ve tried just about everything.  I started with the concealer pen and tried a sample of the foundation and got hooked.  Then, I hosted a holiday shopping event at my house and got to try all of the products.  I was sold.  I loved all of it. I had taken samples and was so incredibly disappointed when they ran out.  I decided to sign up as a consultant to get a big chunk of the products for myself at a discount.  I had no intentions to sell long-term, just to make my money back on my kit and enjoy the products.  Now that I’ve had some friends and family try the products, they’re hooked too.  Many of us have been on the same quest: to find EFFECTIVE, luxury products that are SAFE.  BTC_FB_banner3

That being said, Beautycounter is not my only love when it comes to safe and effective products.  Thankfully, I’ve found some amazing things I love.  I can’t wait to share them with you!  Let me know if you’ve tried something that I might be interested in (below).  I’d love to hear about it!!